Enormous fish farms in the High Coast?

Yes, it seems unbelievable, but it's true.
The implantation of four enormous fish farms (2200 ton/year) is trying to obtain approval from the County of Västernorrland. The last step will be the decision of the Supreme Environmental Court (Miljödomstolen), where the iter has landed thanks to the opposition of the local communities and of the Naturskyddförening.
In the latest decision (December 2006), the County of Västernorrland approved two implantations near Mjältösundet (for a total of 1200 tons/year) and refused the other two more inside the Ullångersfjärden.
Just to give you an idea of what we're talking about:
20 tons/year is the production's limit considered "harmful for the environment" (according to the Miljömål).
The marine biologist Hans Kautsky, from the Stockholm University, has claimed "...Utsläppen av fosfor och kväve är i samma storleksordning som reningsverket Himmerfjärden (10 till 17 ton fosfor, ca 110 ton kväve) som renar avloppen från ca 250 000 människor i södra Stockholm för stora summor varje år." (...)

Each implantation has 9/10 net cages of 9mt diameter, for a total extention of about 300 x 50 mt on the sea.
Now put two of them in the Mjältösundet: if you've ever been in the High Coast, or in Mjältön you have clear the idea of what we're talking about.

How can you act? You can give voice to your opinion and spread any information about this problem to your acquaintances, for example. You can also leave your opinion on our website:
We're trying to help the local communities to give voice to their opposition and to collect all the informations available about the problem to form your own idea.

Thank you to all the sailors and sea lovers that will want to help us :-)


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